Sports Therapy Treatments

Sports Massage
Exercise Prescription
Joint Mobilisation

Sports Therapy is for everyone!

At SJ Sports Therapy the age and functionality of our patients is broad (patient ages currently range between 6 to 87 years old!).  So whether you are a recreational gardener or a serious athlete, SJ Sports Therapy can help you.

At SJ Sports Therapy we use our specialist sports specific knowledge to diagnosis and treat your particular injury or problem area.  At your initial session you can expect a full consultation, examination and assessment.  Based on our findings, we will then use one or a combination of treatment options to get you feeling great again.

Here are some of the treatment types that SJ Sports Therapy uses:

An initial consultation, assessment and treatment will be a 40 minute appointment

Your sports therapist will then recommend the appropriate duration for follow up treatments where necessary (usually a 30 or 40 minute treatment)

10% discount is available for 4 treatments purchased in advance

Sports/Remdial Massage

specific muscles/fascia are targeted using a range of advanced deep techniques to relieve muscle pain

Joint mobilisation

joints of the spine or limbs can be gently mobilised to reduce stiffness and restore normal movement and functionality


sound waves/electrical stimulation decrease pain/swelling and promote healing. Gel or pads may be applied to the skin

Dry needling

fine acupuncture needles are carefully inserted into muscle ‘trigger points’ to disperse pain, which may also refer into other areas


K-tape is an elastic tape applied to the skin to help relieve muscle pain. It increases blood flow and supports overworked muscles

Stretching programmes

tailored exercises can be prescribed to assist with injury rehabilitation and on-going injury prevention

Rehabilitation and exercise programmes

bespoke programmes can be designed to suit an individual’s specific goals, whether sporting or functional

I can't recommend Susie and her team enough... I would highly recommend SJ Sports Therapy to everyoneC. Markwick